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June 17, 1966
O.K., so last year at this time here we were (most of us) a hesitant embryo, flexing our baby-ratings, with a sound that had been on the air for six weeks, so new that [L. A. Times radio columnist] Don Page hadn't to put it down and with The Rolling Stones Concert, The Sonny & Cher Concert, the Batphone Contest, The Big Kahuna...(more)

Oct. 27, 1967

As those of you who were here two years ago remember the right people were convinced that KHJ could go rock and quite possibly rise from its horrible rating position in the market and we did a complete number to get it going...(more)

March 1, 1966

The Hooper ratings are on and will be taken through Monday. This is the time we must continue to show as well. We finally broke through in printed average figures but we must hold or improve our position. If we don't there'll be a loud chorus of "fluke," "flash in the pan," and "I told you so" type remarks....(more)

May 2, 1967

The response to the BIRTHDAY contest is incredible. I'd estimate that the items we've already received represent 10,000 man-hours. Really well thought out and inventive material coming in. This shows...more than anything we've ever much loyalty and identity KHJ has built in the last two years....(more)

January 19, 1968

The attached numbers for January-only serve as a good reminder to all of us that we don't get a thing without working for it. In order to bask in the brief glory of a few good numbers on a piece of paper we gotta put out the best effort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year....(more)